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4 key ways to prevent your grown-up children derailing your retirement savings

The Bank of Mum and Dad is a well-known concept and we all hate to see our children struggle financially, which is why many parents continue to support their children well into adulthood. Instead of being ‘empty nesters’, many parents discover that their offspring return to the family home straight after university (that is if they ever left in the first place!) due to the problems of getting a foot on the property ladder. The type of financial assistance given can take various forms, such…
7th December 2018

‘Winter sports’ doesn’t just have to mean skiing!

With winter in full swing, you might be thinking about how to make the most of the cold weather by donning your skis or your snowboard and heading for a winter sports break on the slopes. But instead of just going for the more obvious options, why not try something a bit different in the snow? Here are five ideas for some less conventional sub-zero sports and activities to mix things up a bit during the winter months. Snowshoeing – If you find it difficult to…
7th December 2018

Explaining fund charges and investment fees

If you hold any investments, or already work with a financial adviser, then it’s likely that you’re familiar with the fees you pay to invest or receive advice but what are these fees and why are they so important to keep a handle on?……
21st November 2018

The rise of ‘staycation’ buy-to-lets

Since the Brexit vote, ‘staycations’ have become increasingly popular. This is unsurprising – for many people, going to the bureau de change has become an uncomfortable experience of seeing their hard-earned pounds transformed into a pitiful equivalent of euros or US dollars. Research by VisitBritain found that there was a 5.8% rise in domestic holidays in 2017. Sykes Staycation index reported that 56% of all adults ‘staycationed’ in 2017 and that 74% planned to do so when they were asked about their plans for 2018,…
21st November 2018

Autumn 2018 Budget – Overview

Introduction A Budget for “Strivers, Grafters and Carers” Budgets, as we all know, take place on Wednesdays. After the excitement of Prime Minister’s Questions, the Deputy Speaker calls ‘the Chancellor of the Exchequer’ and he – so far we have not had a female Chancellor – bounds to his feet, delivering an upbeat message about the nation’s finances and pouring scorn on Her Majesty’s Opposition in equal measure. Most people had been expecting this year’s Budget to be in November. The Budget has been brought…
31st October 2018

3 financial fears this Halloween and how to overcome them

It’s time to be prepared for scary movies on TV, ghosts and ghouls trick-or-treating at your door and listening extra carefully for things that go bump in the night. But whilst these fears might be unfounded, it might be a good time to think about what frightens you in your finances and, more importantly, how to overcome those concerns. Keep reading for our top financial fears and what you can do to banish them this October. Losing big on your investments – It’s all too easy…
31st October 2018

3 top tips to prepare your kids for independent travel

It’s one thing to travel with your children or grandchildren and help them realise an appreciation for seeing the world. To prepare them to navigate that world on their own and to take control of their own adventures, is another thing entirely, but it’s not impossible. Let them take the reins when you plan your next trip – With your years of experience and being a parent or guardian, it’s easy to assume that you’re better off taking care of all the planning yourself. You…
31st October 2018

Life expectancy: Seven ways to prepare for a longer life

Good news: People in the UK are living for longer. But along with benefiting longer life expectancy, it means we’ve got to plan for more years financially. As more people reach milestone birthdays that just a few generations ago only a lucky handful celebrated, it does raise questions on how everyone is going to be supported in terms of money. Whether you’re approaching retirement age now or are in your 30s and have barely considered saving in a pension, thinking about how many years you’re…
18th September 2018

6 ways to reduce inheritance tax for your loved ones

Have you thought about how much your loved ones will need to pay in inheritance tax (IHT) when you pass on your wealth? Official statistics show the national IHT bill is climbing but there are steps you can take to reduce this as much as possible. Figures from HMRC show that the total amount of IHT paid during 2017/18 reached a record high of £5.2 billion. In just a year, the IHT bill has increased by 8% (£388 million)…
18th September 2018

Protecting yourself from pension scammers

Once again, pension scams are making headlines. Research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Pensions Regulator (TPR) discovered that the average victim of a pension scam loses £91,000; a devastating sum to lose when you’re planning your retirement years. The figures are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg too. In 2017, 253 victims reported a pension scam to Action Fraud, totalling £23 million. However, it’s thought that many crimes of this kind either go unreported or unnoticed…
18th September 2018

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I would like to express my appreciation of the excellent information as well as the time investment you have provided which have helped me to make informed decisions... Your advice and willingness as well as your patience have enabled me to fully understand the choices I can make.

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